Farah Khan celebrates a year of motherhood


MUMBAI: Here is one lady who loves to spring surprises. Choreographer, Farah Khan, donned the director’s hat with effortless ease with Main Hoon Na. Soon she tied the knot with the editor of her film, Shirish Kunder, a man many years her junior. And then the big surprise, giving birth to triplets. 11 February marks the first birthday of her triplets.  

Reflecting on the past year, Farah said, "It has been a learning of sorts for me. I have named my two daughters, Diva and Anya and my son, Czar.

Czar is the typical man. He loves to bully the girls. If one of the girls is playing with something and he wants it, then he makes sure that he gets it.

Anya is the smartest of the lot and is very knowledgeable about gadgets. She knows the workings of all the remotes in the house, be it the TV, video or the venetian blinds. She also knows the ring tones of all our mobiles.

Diva is the quietest of the lot. She can sit in one place for hours. She has little demands. But she loves listening to people chatting around her, especially grownups."

Farah has taken leave from all her professional commitments. Both she and Shirish confirmed, "We are not celebrating their birthday party. They are too young to understand about parties. We will have a quiet dinner at home with family and friends."

Businessofcinema.com team wishes Farah and her kids many happy returns of the day.