Farah Khan’s show Tere Mere Beach Mein to launch on 23 August

MUMBAI: Star Plus will be launching director Farah Khan’s celebrity talk show – Tere Mere Beach Mein on 23 August at 9 pm.
Shocking truths and endearing stories of celebrities will be shown on the show. The show will be aired every Saturday & Sunday. Among some of the celebrities who grace the show are Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Yusuf Pathan amongst others.
This seven week series comprises 14 episodes. Farah Khan gets candid with the biggest celebrities from various walks of life to discuss what they have in similar with the common man.
Star Plus general manager and executive vice president Keertan Adyanthaya said, "It’s a chat show that encourages experience sharing in an informal and fun environment. It is guaranteed to make viewers sit up and take notice, engage their thoughts, feelings and conscience, help them get a better understanding of what’s going in the heads, hearts and lives of super successful icons in India, and exposes their vulnerable, never seen before real personalities in a compassionate environment. The aim is to involve, engage and entertain viewers and we hope it will make for compelling content as the audience and guest’s stories relate to each other on common relevant themes."
Khan added, "It’s a privilege to associate with Star Plus once again. Tere Mere Beach Mein breaks the myth that ‘Stars live in a different world’…. and gets the viewers to realize how similar their stories are, and hence how similar their worlds are. Funny and lively, the show brings celebrities and the audience members to discuss a select theme. Set on a backdrop inspired by the beaches of Goa, it instantly sets a mood of informal, uninhibited chats with the stars. Being an astute observer of today’s society with an ability to cut to the core, I highlight the genuine side of the celebrities as they speak on topics that are central to every human being – issues, fears, emotions, relations & happiness – everything a star shares with the common man."
Celebrities will also autograph a personal belonging and these will be auctioned and its proceeds will go to charity.