Farhan’s Don is 50 % similar to the old one

Mumbai: Farhan Akhtar’s Don is similar to the original only by 50
per cent says the filmmaker.”I can’t tell you the difference that my film has from the previous Don, but I can tell you the similarities it has. The story is quite similar to the old Don till a certain point, after which it completely deviates. The film is 50 – 60 % true to the original.”

So what inspired him to retain the originality? “There are things in the film that make it special for me, like the background score, the songs, certain dialogues and situations. I thought it would be a crime to me if not to anybody else, if I didn’t keep all these elements. When I choose to remake the film for reasons that I am excited about, it would be a crime to not retain them”, he says passionately.

People loved Amitabh Bachchan in the old Don which completed a diamond jubilee at the box office. Will it be challenging to make audience accept Shah Rukh as the new Don? “Hopefully it won’t be difficult because SRK has done
such a fantastic job. I rarely feel that SRK has an acceptance problem. But I am very certain that people are going to enjoy his take on the film”, he smiles.

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