Fashion’s supermodel Priyanka Chopra on B4U Star Stop


Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra talked about Fashion, her forthcoming film, on B4U Star Stop with VJ Khushboo to be aired on 30 October at 7.10 pm.

B4u Star Stop is a programme with Film related interviews. Actors/directors talk about their forthcoming movie, their likes, dislikes and other things and chat with B4U VJS.

Chopra shared her initial reluctance and apprehension to do the film, and consequent experiences of the film. She talked about her journey from a small town to the world of glamour which incidentally is synonymous with the character she plays in the film.

Her choice to stand her ground in doing unconventional roles and the foresight to see certain roles as Drona, are milestones despite their failures at the Box Office.