Film Review: 26th July At Barista

Film: 26th July At Barista

Presenter: Dinesh Agrawal

Banner: Radha Pushpa Entertainment

Producer: Sumeet Chawla

Co-Producer: Durga Singh

Concept & Direction: Mohan Sharma

Screenplay & Dialogue: Rahil Qazi

Cinematographer: Carlton D’mello

Editor: Sanjay Jaiswal

Lyrics & Music: Sandarbh

Cast: Simran Vaid, Rohini Hattangadi, Kabir Sawhney, Paramveer, Ashish Duggal

Rating: 0/5

26th July At Barista is about a bunch of people who are stranded in a coffee shop on the fateful night. These include a scriptwriter, an aspiring actress, a bunch of youngsters, a couple whose kids have gone visiting Essel World and two professionals, who eventually get attracted to each other amidst all this…. well certainly love was in the air!

The effort it very sloppy and nothing works in the film. The film is put together haphazardly put and the entire team had only and only mission – to make this film a torturous experience for its viewers. The experience is even worse that what the individuals who are stranded in that coffee shop have to go through when a cop question then for a robbery.

And if this was not enough, the filmmaker picked up stock footage of the flood in Mumbai and just built a series of scenes around it.

26th July At Barista starts off with the visuals of thunder and lightening and a very unimpressive narration of Mumbai city and its fast paced life.
From here on, the movie gets lost with sequences that make no sense… there is a love story and a cop investigation… it just goes on and on. One wonders what an accomplished actor like Rohini Hattangadi is doing in a film like this.

26th July At Barista is dedicated ‘To those who lost their life in the 26th July flood.’ People who survived should restrain from seeing this film… in a nut shell it’s suicidal to go and see this film.

Let’s not talk about the direction, screenplay or dialogues as nothing exists. To top it all, if this was not enough, there is an Aids patient as well in the film. We have the cop drop in followed by a woman who has been gang-raped, a kid in search of her father and a woman searching for her child.

Frankly nothing works in the film. I am sure people with either stop going to coffee shops after seeing this film or will stop going to Barista for sure.

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