Film Review : Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang

Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang
Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang

Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang
Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang
Film: Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang

Banner : Elecom-Fiesta Entertainment P. Ltd

Director : Niloy Kumar De

Producers : Sushil Bahety, Rajiv Bahety, N D Nagpal and Anirvan Ghose, R. D. Mallik

Voice Over : Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Kharaj, Sudipa Basu, Biswajit Chakraborty, Kanchan Mallick

Rating: 0.5/5

Animation is off late the newest corridor Bollywood films have opened up themselves to. With that Indian audiences are exposed to Bollywood animation flicks. While some are fairly good, most others are tacky. Especially since the Indian audience has for long been administered the potion of well made Hollywood animated films. With C2B2, it’s like walking down memory lane when 2D was the name of the game. In this film the 2D animation is not as bad as the sorry story it offers.

For starters the film is not like the Hollywood film Antz. In fact nothing like any other film even. C2B2 is classic black ant VS red ant story, only told differently. Two kingdoms, one belonging to each of the ants are pitted against each other following a minor misunderstanding. Some old red man ant teasing a young lady black ant is all it takes for the massive war of the ants.

Adding fuel to the fire is Ghun, some creature that you can’t figure the species of through the film. Playing a game with both the ant kings, Ghunn escalates the fight for personal gains. As they devise to protect themselves the ants employ a snake, birds, a toad and even a chameleon (or something that looks like one). Just when the zenith is reached, the oh-so astute spider averts the war by giving valuable ‘gyaan’ and voila, peace is restored between the two kingdoms. Oh yes and what’s a film without some mushy love scenes between the prince and princess of the two kingdoms thrown in? So that’s there too.

Imagine after having paid a soaring price for the ticket, you need to sit through this. Even kids today are smarter than you think they are to take up viewing such a tepid film. The plot in itself is so dull and dreary that watching it being explored for over two hours is too much to take. All the more frustrating is watching ants, with limited movements, dance and sing. While the singing and dancing is not that which troubles, the lack of movements and monotonous colours is what disappoints. Even the dialogues are so done to death. Simple lines, zero twists, tons of repetition and scores of gibberish talk seriously take its toll on you.

The voices and the music at times hurt your ear. The colouring of the characters and sizing are areas that seem to have gone unnoticed. What were they thinking? We wouldn’t notice butterflies smaller than ants and flowers that fall from the ceiling but disappear the moment they touch the ground? The film is so basic that it almost seems as the initial sketches of the characters were used in the final rendering of the animated characters. It’s not difficult to suspend you belief, especially if it is an animated film, but even when doing so there is a little logic that you rely on.

C2B2 is not even technically proficient. The editing is everything but polished as is the animation. The songs prop in at random times and shots are looped. The voiceovers, without an exception, fail to infuse any life into the animated characters. The lesser said about the film the better.

This fare is certainly not worth wasting hard earned money on. Take your kids to the park or take them to the zoo, this film would only leave you with taking care of the kids’ unwarranted crankiness.