Film Review: Chak De! India


Film: Chak De! India

Director: Shimit Amin


Producer: Aditya Chopra (Yash Raj Films)

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Vidya Malvade, Segarika Ghatge, Anahita Nair, Shubhi Mehta, Tanya Abrol

Rating: 3.5/5

After two consecutive washouts, it’s all the way up for Yash Raj Films. It’s almost a paradox of sorts, yes it does have the ‘King Khan’ and yes they do manage to take the viewers on an excursion to a foreign land. But at the same time this one is also unlike any other of the YRF movies and thus deserves an ovation for that.


Ok, so we have had tons of sports flicks but while all those drove the message of team spirit and a whole lot of moral talk, CDI is simply about celebrating a nation called INDIA. And the manner in which this is brought about deserves more praise than one could write in words. Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), a national level Hockey player leaves the sport as he is accused of match fixing. It is after seven years that he returns to the game, but this time as the coach for the women’s hockey team.


The national team has girls selected practically from every part of India. Selected to participate in the International women’s hockey world championship, for weeks they train. Playing a sport they love most, for a country they call their own is not that easy and while they learn that, many other paths are treaded. At the end of it all boils down to the fight for victory, India and seventy minutes.


A story told by everyone except YRF, is nothing new. There is no calling a spade anything else but a spade. Having said this, it would be blasphemous to assume that the film is linear; the highs and lows, excitement and emotions it offers makes it a watch any day. The beauty of the film is the way every character is moulded to add to the story and not steal from it. Yes a message is parted in the film, but it is so sublime that you can’t help yourself but shed a tear or two.


The detailing and the manner in which everything including the game is carried out are thoroughly convincing. Every goal and every miss actually manages to impact your experience, proving the point that the medium is truly powerful. Kudos to Amin having directed yet another good film after Ab Tak Chappan.


Lines delivered by each character are natural and are constructed like regular conversations. Sarcasm, emotions and humor is filled in each dialogue and this backed by the other good stuff is a treat.


What is interesting is the manner in which filters are used. Tints of green and orange are seen through the film. No doubt this is an interesting watch, but as an enhancement tool to add something the film it does not do much. Also the editing, though good, could have been much better and would have actually lifted the film up by many notches. The same is with the camerawork and music (the songs being repeated are a put off). The last bit in the film is predictable and this is the only major grey area.


Even performances are natural and convincing. Khan’s smile and emotional dialogues, coupled with his usual performance leaves you satisfied. He still makes you teary eyed and convinced, but this is not his best. The other characters are phenomenal and have you hooked on. Special mention to Tanya Abrol and Chitrashi Rawat, they put up a fantastic performance.


Chak De! India is a must see and is strongly recommended. Now is the time to use the money you saved by not watching the few trashy films that did release.