Film Review: Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana

Film: Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana

Director: Amar Butala

Rating: 1/5 

Whoever has made a New Year’s resolution of watching every Hindi film this year should seriously consider breaking it. KKHZ is the movie that will make you regret that resolution.

The movie revolves around the oh so ‘exciting’ lives of four friends Anjali (Mahima Choudhary), Natasha (Vasundhara Das) who, by the way, is pregnant in the movie, Kanika (Kim Sharma) and Mayuri (Rekha); four ‘best buddies’ who seem to enjoy spending long hours in the salon.  Anjali, who has a winning betting streak in her, is the envy of the other three. This is when they bet her that she will not get married before she turns 25, and to get her to lose, each decides to fix her a match and get her married.

Each of them finds a guy and introduces him to Anjali; who is totally unaware of the fact that her ‘best friends’ are trying to set her up and get her married so she loses the bet, but as luck would have it, Amar Khanna (Ashmit Patel) is the one who catches Anjali’s eye. They meet each other in a theatre where they are the only two sitting in the entire hall. Anjali is sobbing over Devdas’ tragic end and Amar is handing her tissues, Cupid does his job, and before you know it, he has asked her out on a date and she’s agreed. The other three are still at work, trying to set her up; but in vain.

Soon she finds out about the evil scheme that was plotted by her ‘Best friends’, and begins to think that Amar too is one of those set up for her. Heartbroken, she refuses Amar, when he asks her to marry him. Anjali now lands up to meet her ‘buddies’ and tells them that they had no right to play with her life and asks which one of them had set up Amar, as she had indeed bitten the bait.

To cover up, Mayuri (Rekha) lies and tells the others that it was she who had sent Amar. Wounded and devastated; Anjali leaves.

A few days later, Natasha (Vasundhara) and Kanika(Kim) realise that Mayuri had lied to them and decide to confront her with the truth. This confrontation leads to Mayuri breaking down and confessing that she was jealous of all of them and their ‘Happy’ lives. She also admits of lying to them about Amar and decides to tell Anjali all.

At dinner, Mayuri tells Anjali everything and the latter agrees to forgive her only if she would give her own marriage a chance to work. Best of friends again, Anjali rushes to appologise to Amar and tell him she would marry him.

It’s just about time for a happy ending; but is stalled since Amar does not show up at his own wedding. An upset bride, Anjali has no option but to cry. Proving the existence of a supernatural force, Anjali hears the ‘baarat’ and to her surprise, at midnight, it’s her Prince Charming on a horse all set to marry her. Happy ending delivered. The movie continues…

It is now necessary to know why midnight and not earlier. Amar apparently knew about the bet and since she turned 25 at midnight, he turns up to even the scores.

KKHZ is one of those movies you’d rather see in those Volvo busses on your way to Pune; that too not out of interest but out of compulsion. Watching this movie you wonder what diva Rekha is doing amongst these made up people. The only high that the movie leaves you with is Rekha’s rather unusual performance and that amazing song she sings.

Some reasons to wathc the movie:

1) Rekha, like always, sizzles on screen and sings like a nightingale

2) Sachin Khedekar and Rekha share an interesting chemistry

3) You are completely jobless and have seen all the other movies playing this week.

4) You enjoy seeing wooden performances by actors

5) You love watching actors who can’t stand each other act as though they are the best of friends.

6) You like looking out for product placements, which this movie is filled with (Lays chips)

7) You enjoy senseless comedy, which again this movie is filled with.

Sanjay Ram

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