Film Review: My Friend Ganesha


Film: My Friend Ganesha

Producer: Koffee Break Pictures

Director: Rajiv S Ruia

Starring: Kiran Jhanjhani, Sheetal Shah, Upasan Singh and Ehsaas

Rating: 3/5

After the movie ended, I bothered to ask the kid sitting beside me how he liked it. To which he responded “If I ever have a problem I will call Ganesha, he is everyone’s friend”. You know the movie has impacted someone, when you can afford to get a response like that. The film is not rendered with the best of performances or even the best of animation, but it certainly achieves a lot more than just managing to entertain.

The plot is simply about Ashu (Ehsaas) not being able to befriend anyone. It is in this desperation and his nanny’s belief in Lord Ganesha, that he decides to befriend lord Ganesha. Before you know it, the little lord and Ashu are the best of friends. Whats more is that his family that is overwhelmed with trouble overcomes each hurdle with the little lord’s series of miracles and blessings.

With this simple plot as the crux, the film marvelously becomes a teaching aid for each child. The film tackles practically every problem that a child may face in school and at home. Right from being ragged by bullies, to minor reasons such as parents not being able to give time to them. It constantly discusses the need to have faith in lord and preaches the lesson of overcoming your fears by believing in a supreme power, God.

In this film, the audience being targeted is so well defined, that each line and action is aimed towards wooing them. The language used is fairly simple and it is ensured that each action is pronounced loudly so as to not be missed. It in this non complexity of understanding what is being said that the film works as a brilliant teaching aid for the children.

Characters too have been meticulously created and so have the situations. Ideal situations is what the film is filled with, but then what better way to get the point across than plague and ideal, happy family with problems, only for them to overcome it. Even within the family one gets to see stereotypes, this way the message is thrown across well, which otherwise would not have been the case had the characters not been stereotypes.

The makers of this film have thought of every aspect, the movie screams calculations. They have managed to create a saleable identity of the animated character and that is extremely commendable. Everything from the music to the various other merchandises that may soon flood the markets will be picked up by buyers. This simply due to the various actions the animated lord does and the youthful essence his character has been rendered with. There is so much to like in this film, that the many flaws are overshadowed. Everything moves so quickly in this film that one doesn’t really hold on to a particular moment as much as keep enjoying while it comes along.

Also since the film is a live animation flick, there is a good mix of scenes alternating between moments that are completely animated and others that are live. Thus the possibility of not being able to see something new constantly is also reduced. The only major flaw that one can possibly hold against the film is the shoddy manner in which the stock footages were used and the need to include various moments that seemed done for the heck of it. Like the need to include the 26 th July, Mumbai floods and the dud of a robber who threatens to throw a school kid off the building. Sadly enough the film could have been treated with much more style.

One would like to believe the over the top emotions delivery provided by the actors is simply done to get the point across. Though the message has to get across loud and clear, there is no reason for them to ham through the entire film. There is no one who delivers a decent and likeable performance, except of course the animated Ganesha, who is adorable. Everyone from Ehsaas to shah annoy in portraying in the perfect family. It is the manner of the proceedings and issues tackled more than what each actor did on screen.

Evidently so the film is targeted towards children and with them tag along their parents and maid servants. So basically if there is a kid in the house, chances are the entire family is heading to watch the film. Thus the box office business is only likely to be at a constant, rather than hit the roof top or be at a new low. Collections will also vary drastically from centre top centre.

If you have kids at home, ensure you have had them see the film. My Friend Ganesha will ensure that they walk out far more knowledgeable about the elephant lord.