Filmy touches 53 GRPs

The newly launched channel Filmy opens at 53 GRPs this week!

It has attained popularity on the basis of the quality of movies and innovative approach towards programming. Filmy introduced the pioneering concept of movies being anchored by individual characters.

Filmy has proven to be a runaway hit, registering 53 GRPs this week within 90 days of its launch! Thus it has already reached the levels of established mainstream channels like Star One which are much older.

Sahara One Media And Entertainment Limited CEO Shantonu Aditya said, “With the launch of Filmy, we wanted to highlight our long-term commitment to driving novelty and production quality in Hindi programming. The tremendous viewers’ response to the two movies in the morning format has prompted us to make it a permanent feature on the channel. Filmy’s success yet again proves how good content and marketing can work wonders.”

Commenting on this, Filmy business head Ashutosh said, “Filmy has not only gained popularity amongst the viewers but also has carved its niche among the advertisers. Our SEC, age and market profile are significantly more advertiser friendly than other channels prompting companies from across industry segments like FMCG, Durables, Services etc. such as Gillette, Videocon, BSNL and Kinetic and others being added to our portfolio.”

Filmy, with its base line – Maa Kasam Filmy Hai – launched on 12 February 2006, presents its viewers pure entertainment that is more than just Hindi movies. For the first time in the genre of Hindi movie channels, Filmy is presenting original programming in its trademark ‘fun & irreverent’ attitude.

Filmy, whose viewership extends to the entire country, has continued its climb through the ratings with blockbusters like Sarkar , No Entry, Run, Fareb, Jo Bole So Nihal and the recently concluded BSNL Eurasia Cup.

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