First film from Arunachal Pradesh – Sonam

This is a film shot at an altitude off 10,000 feet in India and the filmmakers haven’t had to even outside their state to shoot. The film called Sonam is the first film from Arunachal Pradesh and is based on a popular Assamese novel by Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi, a civil servant from Arunachal Pradesh.

The film directed by Ahsan Raju Mazid deals with the folklore of the Monpas, a tribe residing in the the high altitude areas of Arunachal Pradesh kissing China. The film costing Rs
6 million has been made in the Monpa dialect and has local actors after having been conceived 12 years ago.

Produced by Ashok Kumar Jhuria under the banner of Garima Mountain Hives in collaboration with a charitable trust Mountain Hive. The subject of the film could be as controversial as KANK. The movie is about polyandry among Yak Shepherds called Brokpas who inhabit thee
slopes in the Himalayas where it is customary for a woman to have more
than one husband.

The film is all about a man, who accepts the lover of his wife as co-husband. Soon the presence of the second man makes him lonely.
Sonam, the wife also suffers from mental and physical disabilites and ends her life.

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