Frameboxx & Pala Flicks joins hands for animation project

    Pala Flicks' Earthlings
    Pala Flicks' Earthlings

    Pala Flicks' Earthlings
    Pala Flicks’ Earthlings
    MUMBAI: Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects, will soon be launching the Frameboxx Incubation Centre in Versova, Mumbai, with its first project – Pala Flicks’ Earthlings.

    The aim of the centre is to create a simulated production unit complete with real world infrastructure and experienced supervisors. Frameboxx professionals from its various centers across India will be absorbed into the incubation centre at preset times during the year after which they will go through a three – four month industry drill.

    During this phase, the students shall not only experience first hand how it feels to work in a studio but also get an apex opportunity to take their skills up that final notch and become true industry ready.

    “Traditionally animation and visual effects training in India has been able to produce talent, which have required additional training by animation studios that employ them to really mould them into a production ecosystem. Analyzing this as a gap and simply listening to the industry has been our first priority at Frameboxx, the outcome of which is the Incubation Centre,” said Frameboxx founder-director Rajesh Turakhia.

    “The state of the art facility in Mumbai , which has been setup at a cost of Rs 50 million (Rs 5 crores) is the first in a series of incubation centers, which we aim to set up across major cities in India such as New Delhi and Bangalore,” added Frameboxx founder-director Naveen Gupta.

    With initiatives such as the Incubation Centre, the company also plans to add more verticals to its portfolio to diversify its reach in the market and to provide a 360 degree animation & VFX training experience to the bright and creative youth of India.

    Pala Flicks director Greg Acuna said, “I’m delighted to be working with Frameboxx, Rajesh, Naveen and their team. Earthlings is all about education so the Incubation program is a perfect fit for the project.”

    Turakhia added, “We’re excited to join hands with Greg and his excellent team at Pala Flicks who’ve put their faith in us and have taken a firm step towards incubating the next generation of animation talent in India.”

    Earthlings is a unique new TV series for children that combines animation and live action into an educational entertainment experience for kids all over the world. Four animated aliens come to Earth and meet four live-action children. Together the aliens and Earthlings play games of cooperation, explore the world, sing, dance, do yoga, meditation and have wonderful adventures.

    Veteran Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan will be doing the choreography for Earthlings.

    “It feels great to be a part of Earthlings. It’s a dream come true. I love cartoons and I’m excited to make these great alien characters dance. The concept is out of this world. Imagine a show for children with the slogan ‘One Planet, One People.’ It’s all about making everyone happy,” said Khan.

    Acuna added, “I’m delighted to be working with Saroj-ji. She’s an amazing choreographer and wonderful human being. We are appealing to other big talents to join us in making and promoting something for kids that will give them hope and foster cooperation instead of the often violent children’s shows on television.”

    Preproduction is almost complete on the series and production of the first episode starts in early April. Earthling is to be developed in India for worldwide distribution. The cross platform content is for six to eleven year olds and will empower children to think for themselves with open minds.