FujiFilm launches world’s first 3D camera


MUMBAI: FUJIFILM India, has launched its new imaging technology, the FinePix REAL 3D System. It is the world’s first 3D (three dimensional) digital imaging system that lets users enjoy 3D images with naked eye without the need for wearing special 3D glasses. The revolutionary 3D system consists of FinePix REAL 3D W1, the 3D camera; FinePix REAL 3D V1, an 8 inch viewer on which spectacular 3D images can be displayed; and 3D Print, FUJIFILM’s high precision production technology that enables users to print 3D images.

According to FUJIFILM managing director Kenichi Tanaka, "FUJIFILM believes in bringing the latest of its technological innovations to the discerning buyers in India. In accordance with our strategy to become one of the top digital camera brands in India and acquire 15% market share in three years, we shall continue to introduce digital camera models that are either world’s first in some aspect, are award winning or based on an innovative technology that’s exclusive to FUJIFILM owing to our incessant research & development."

"FUJIFILM invented the digital camera and we continue to lead technological innovations in the imaging industry. Our latest 3D imaging system exemplifies this well enough. We wish to assure buyers that when they buy a FUJIFILM digital camera, they are getting the best value for money and our product is technologically advanced and superior," says FUJIFILM country general manager (DSC)India A. Rajkumar.

To achieve a 3D image, it is necessary to layer together two images, so two Fujinon lenses, renowned for their high resolution & exquisite rendering, are installed. A 3x optical zoom, deemed difficult to achieve in 3D photography because of the precision required to align two lenses, has also been achieved. Moreover, the engine of the camera – RP (Real Photo) Processor 3D, another photo technology marvel developed by FUJIFILM over the years – synchronizes data passed to it by the two lenses and two CCD sensors, to determine shooting conditions such as focus, brightness and tonality to instantaneously blend this information into a single symmetrical image. The 2.8" 3D/2D LCD monitor features FUJIFILM’s own LCD panel.

In the ‘Individual Shutter 3D Shooting’ mode, the camera takes two shots, one after the other, and saves a single 3D image in the camera manually. The 3D image generated can be edited and this is particularly useful for landscape photography where a 3D image is difficult to achieve, or conversely, macro shots, where the 3D effect can be too strong. In the ‘Interval 3D Shooting’ mode, it is possible to take two shots from different viewpoints continuously while the photographer is moving, for example by train, airplane, or car, etc., to achieve 3D images of long-distance views. By using the ‘Parallax Control (3D Tuning Function)’, the 3D images can be manually adjusted for a clear and sharper 3D view. Adjustable in both live images on LCD panel while shooting and recorded images, this simplicity-of-use lets users really get creative.

This camera also brings new possibilities in 2D photography owing to the fact that it is actually two digital cameras rolled into one. Its ‘Advanced 2D Mode’ lets users take two different shots simultaneously by pressing the shutter once. With ‘Tele/Wide Simultaneous Shooting’ mode, it is possible to take a close-up photo (zoom) of the subject and, at the same time, a photo with a wider span (wide angle) – just by changing the settings of the two lenses. With ‘2-Color Simultaneous Shooting’ mode, users can take photos of the same scene with different colour tonalities (e.g. ‘Standard’ and ‘Fujichrome’). Besides, 13 different types of scene position are featured that enable users to enjoy various shooting styles in 2D and 3D. The ‘2-Sensitivity Simultaneous Shooting’ mode enables users to change the sensitivity setting of the two shooting systems. In scenes where it is difficult to determine the optimal camera settings, users can take shots with picture stabilization priority and then with picture quality priority and choose the best image later, or change the picture stabilization levels to take two different shots simultaneously.

Users can simply insert the SD memory card, in which 3D images (or videos) have been saved, into the 3D viewer and enjoy a 3D slideshow. They can be in complete control using the intuitive remote control. If the ‘Parallax Control’ is used, users can adjust the 3D effect on the viewer manually. The 3D viewer has easy-to-use features like Micro Thumbnail View and ‘Image Search’. It can also receive image data via high-speed IR (infrared) communication. Users can also directly connect it to their PC via USB and transfer stored images to the viewer for display.

FUJIFILM has integrated high precision prints, with lenticular sheets, resulting in the ability to produce high resolution 3D images. The process involves the 3D image data being integrated using highly advanced technology and projected through a lenticular sheet lens to produce an image with binocular disparity. This then creates a very special 3D print with incredible detail.

The FinePix REAL 3D W1 camera is available at a special price of Rs 39,999 at all authorised FUJIFILM retail and channel partners across the country.