Ghajini shooting postponed by 3 weeks due to Aamir’s injury


Mumbai: Ghajini’s shooting schedule in Hyderabad has gone for a toss. Aamir Khan injured his hamstring muscle yet again while shooting for the film. Just last week, Khan had injured his hamstring while performing an action sequence, following which he took rest for a couple of days before getting back to work.

Our source from the sets says, "Khan did not want the shooting of Ghajini to suffer because of his injury. Everyone on the sets was against him pushing himself, but Khan was insistent that we should shoot close ups. He spoke to the director A R Murgadoss and decided to shoot the close up sequences which wouldn’t aggravate his injury."

However, it was a bad idea as his muscle got further strained. A source added, "He was chasing the bad guy and his leg was in an awkward position and now his hamstring muscle is torn. After the shot was Okayed for almost 40 minutes, he could not get up. Initially everyone on the sets thought that Khan was pulling a fast one, but only when he started screaming in pain, everyone got on to action."

A physiotherapist was present on the set and he requested a specialist to be called in. Khan was taken to a local hospital and has been asked to take three weeks of complete bed rest. The source says, "He will be coming to Mumbai in a day or two once doctors allow him to travel, after which he will rest at his Bandra residence."

The director of the film, Murgadoss says, "It happened on the day we were shooting some crucial sequences with Khan. Although he had supported his leg, he got into an awkward position while shooting and he seriously injured himself again. Shooting can hold, we are all right now are worried about his well-being."