Girls getting intimate doesn’t suggest lesbianism: Neetu Chandra


MUMBAI: Denying rumours that she got carried away while shooting a provocative male fantasy photo shoot for the cover of a men’s magazine, actress Neetu Chandra said, "I very much knew what I was doing and never got carried away. But if there is even an iota of doubt in anyone’s mind, let me make it clear once and for all that I am not a lesbo."

It may be recalled that Neetu was shooting for the cover of The Man’magazine with a model outside the lobby of a 3-star hotel last week, when a group of regular male customers started shouting Jai Maharashtra slogans and threatened action from Raj Thackeray’s Maharashrtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). They even tried to confiscate the camera, resulting in the shoot having to be abruptly called off.

Neetu had termed them as "some frustrated men, who just wanted my attention. When they didn’t get it, they started making a scene about the shoot and threatening us."

Now there has been talk about some activists planning to burn copies of the said magazine when its issue carrying Neetu’s images releases next week, alleging that the images have lesbian connotations. But Neetu flatly denies the charge. "It’s about two girls getting intimate to arouse male interest. And that doesn’t mean it’s about lesbianism," she reiterates.