Goa government’s support helps Konkani filmmakers: Talak


Mumbai: "A very efficient and effective credit system for filmmakers has been implemented by the Government of Goa, which is reducing primary financial burden for filmmakers," said producer and director of Konkani film Sawariya.com Rajendra Talak.
He was referring to a 50% credit that the Government of Goa provides at the time of completion of primary work. A fourth is given after labs, music and screening; and at the end of submission of film for certification a last installment is disbursed. "This helps new filmmakers to complete a film", said the director.
He said that Sawariya.com explores the concept of love. Love is a universal phenomenon and this makes the film’s appeal transcend the language barrier. "The power of love is held within each one of us every moment and it rises to higher truth when we recognize our oneness, wholeness and interconnectedness", said Talak.
Music director Ashok Patki said that he always takes new themes and implements them in new films, which gives good results. Aniket Vishwasrao, actor of the film, said that it was a challenge to work for a movie in an alien language.  
Talak said that it is important for filmmakers to come out to make films in Konkani. The initial years will require government support but he was hopeful that very soon the industry will find its mooring and do away with the need for support. He requested new filmmakers to join the efforts.