Govt allocates Rs 317 million for export of Indian films


    MUMBAI: The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has set aside a sum of Rs 317 million (31.69 crores) in the XIth Plan for export of Indian films.

    The existing plan schemes, which are aimed at promotion of Indian cinema in India and abroad, called ‘Export Promotion through film festivals in India and Abroad’ is implemented through the Directorate of Film Festivals.

    The scheme covers the organizations of the International Film Festival of India, participation in various film festivals in India and abroad and conduction of film festivals. Films are sent to various Indian embassies for conduct of festivals also. Films are a medium of cultural export. The conduct of film festivals abroad not only promotes our culture but also facilitates in export of Indian films. In the XIth Plan, this scheme additionally provides for grants-in-aid to Federation of Film Societies of India and support to NGO’s/State Government organizations in holding film festivals. In the Xth Plan a sum of Rs 989.42 lakhs was utilized under this scheme. The provision of the XIth Plan is Rs 207 million (Rs 20.69 crores).

    The existing Main Secretariat Scheme of the Ministry of I&B called ‘Participation in Film Markets’ envisages providing support, facilitation and promotion of the export potential of the Indian film industry. The scheme intends to cover not only specific institutionalized international markets such as Cannes Film Market, Berlin Film Festival, American Film Market, MIPCOM, Cannes among others (participation to be decided yearly) but also the Film Bazaar, which is held along side the International Film Festival of India each year. In the Xth Plan a sum of Rs 442.85 lakhs was utilized for the purpose. The provision for the XIth Plan is for Rs 110 million (Rs 11 crores).

    The Core Group on ‘Export of films and related issues’ furnished its report in 2007 recommending inter-alia the formation of an Export Promotion Council. The Ministry is actively pursuing with the industry for setting up of an Export Promotion Council. The Core Group also recommended that existing Plan scheme of the Ministry may be encouraged and strengthened.