Graphiti students ready with 3D animation film Who’s next


    Mumbai: This year’s Graphiti students have made a 3D animation film inspired by Panch Tantra. This film titled Who’s Next is a 3D animation film and is produced by the group of 27 Graphiti students.

    Prahlad Kakkar will be the chief guest at the graduation ceremony of the second batch of Graphiti School of Animation.

    The only studio professional involvement was from Graphiti studio manager Rajiv Panchal, who directed the film.

    "The film’s story is based on the effect of greed on the human beings.  The film is of international quality and matches the work by the earlier batch students.  The previous year’s film posted on "YouTube" receives worldwide recognition as professional quality work," says Graphiti School of Animation director K. Pandyan.

    Father of Indian animation Ram Mohan adds, "Our students are changing the way freshers are treated in the animation industry, they are ready-to-work professionals and will require a short induction into the unique internal processes of the employing studio".

    Panchal says, "Graphiti students surpassed my expectations though they are freshers and were doing their first film".