Graphiti to launch Fido Dido Action Shorts


    MUMBAI: Graphiti Multimedia announced that it is in production of Xtreme Shorts featuring Honest Entertainment property Fido Dido. The thirteen one minute music-driven action shorts will feature a 3D Fido applying his unique Fidosophies to the universe of extreme sports. We can expect to see him wakeboarding, surfing and parasailing into the Nicktoons US line-up sometime in 2008.


    “We are very happy to be working with Honest,” said Graphiti’s Munjal Shrof “and especially with Fido.” The character has come to be known as ‘The King of Cool’ in India thanks to his unprecedented success as the spokes-character for 7UP worldwide.


    “Graphiti is doing extraordinary work in India, where it all seems to be happening these days,” said co-creator of Fido Dido and president and co-founder of Honest Entertainment Joanna Ferrone. She also said, “We think Nicktoons will be the perfect partner to showcase Fido Dido’s five central “Fidosophies:” It’s cool to be you; Normal is boring; Your best friend is your head; Dare to be different; and Life is short, live it up.”


    This will be Fido’s first adventure into series animation since he was ‘born’ on a cocktail napkin in 1985.