Hello Brother to feature on Star Gold


MUMBAI: Star Gold will feature Hello Brother on 22, July at 5 pm. The film is directed by Sohail Khan and features Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Johnny Lever and Shakti Kapoor.

Police Inspector Vishal (Arbaaz Khan) has been transferred to Bombay city. He reports to his superior officer, and assigned the Bandra area in Bombay for his duties. He comes across a young man named Hero (Salman Khan), who works for A2Z Courier company.

Vishal suspects that Hero is up to no good, and follows him to a warehouse near the docks, where Vishal is shot at and left for dead. When Vishal wakes up he is told that Hero is dead, and his heart has been transplanted in him, and that is only reason why he survived.

Hero appears to Vishal, and guides him to the persons who have using the courier company as a front for drugs, and also to the person who shot at Vishal, and killed him. But Vishal regards Hero as an irritant, and wants to go about the investigation in his own, not knowing that without Hero’s help he will be jeopardizing his life, as well as the life of Hero’s girlfriend, Rani (Rani Mukherjee).