Hello FM gears up for IPL with Solli Addi


Mumbai: Hello FM 106.4 is readying for the IPL fever with Solli Addi, an on-air cricket carnival.  Solli Addi is the first of its kind in the Radio medium, which aims to be an entertainer for ardent radio listeners and cricket fans. Solli Addi will be aired during the 14 Chennai Super Kings matches across India.
The program is essentially in the form of a game show that revolves around the sole subject of cricket with interestingly framed questions pertaining to the IPL teams and Indian cricket scenario.
The program will be hosted by RJ Suresh and team, who will put forth a range of questions on IPL and the callers who get the right answers will take home a cash price of Rs 1064.
The program is a brain game that plays on intuition and predictions of the numbers of runs per over with a cash price of Rs.1000 for each over (a total of 40 overs include both the innings).
The callers who predict the exact number of runs for each over will win the cash prize for the respective over and progress to the next round of the consecutive over. On the contrary if he/she fails to predict the right number of runs she/he will be out of the game at the end of the over and new participants can enter into the game show for consecutive overs with cumulative increase in the price value based on the number of overs that have been played without an exact prediction.

An added attraction is an SMS contest for the nearest prediction of the final score of the match with a cash prize of Rs. 5000 per innings.
Hello FM CEO Rajeev Nambiar said, "With the IPL frenzy reaching out and impacting the lives of millions of Indians, we figured it apt to participate in the Cricket revolution, with a new angle of livewire entertainment drawing maximum audience involvement into the game, unlike the stale updates on the matches."