Hello pirated; receives lukewarm response at box office


    Mumbai: Atul Agnihotri’s Hello is the latest film to enter the land of free viewing and piracy.

    While the movie has received lukewarm response at the box office, on last count the film was available on over six different portals of which Businessofcinema.com is aware of. Most of which are different parts uploaded onto the Zshare platform. Additionally a portion of the film and songs captured on video devices in theatres are uploaded onto platforms like YouTube as well.

    It must be noted that unlike most other films where the duration between a release and online piracy of the same is anywhere between a day to two at the least, Hello has been available online in less than a day.

    The other recent films being made available are Rafoo Chaakkar, Kidnap, Raamchand Pakistani and Drona. In additon to that the music of Dostana, Fashion, Roadside Romeo and EMI is also available for free downloads. The lack of action coupled with the extensive number of pirates and supporters will only result in diminishing revenues for the Industry.