Hema Malini bats for daughter Esha Deol


MUMBAI: Recently, a proud mother took her daughter’s arm and walked the ramp as showstopper for a fashion show. Hema Malini is in the mood to promote her daughter and is going out of her way to do that. And this stance is a new one for mama Malini as she was vehemently opposed to doing any such thing, a few years ago.


Esha Deol’s career has not soared like that of her famed parents. Eldest daughter of matinee idol Dharmendra and dream girl Hema Malini, Esha has struggled to get good projects. Although she did Yash Raj’s superhit Dhoom, the film failed to generate anything big for the actress. Esha had also shed all her excess weight and had toned her body under Bollywood’s most famous trainer – Sattu – to get the tag of one of the best figures in the business. After inconspicuous films and even more inconspicuous roles, Esha is now doing a film under her mother’s supervision.


Hema tells Businessofcinema.com, "Esha is hugely talented, but she has not got the best of films to project what she can do on screen. As her mother, it is my duty to ensure that she gets that opportunity and that is why I am producing a film for her."


However, Hema’s stance, a few years ago was a wee bit different. A couple of years ago, mother and daughter had posed together for a magazine cover and Hema had then said, "I don’t know why they wanted Esha to be on the cover. What has she done to be recognized? One should only be featured if there is a volume of work behind you to be in such a position. Esha has to work much harder for her to be on the cover."


But what warms the cockles of almost all hearts is to see the mother today batting for her daughter to ensure her place under the sun, just like she and her husband enjoyed for so many years and still continue to do so.