Hema Malini’s Tamil won’t do for Rajnikanth


MUMBAI: Rajnikanth’s heroine issues in his triple-role adventure saga Rana seem to be never ending. After Rekha, it’s Hema Malini who is in two minds about doing the film. The reason for Hema’s uncertainty about the part is her spoken Tamil.

The veteran actress tells Businessofcinema.com, “Of course I speak fluent Tamil but it is a very different Brahminical Tamil from the colloquial language spoken by the masses.”

Hema realized how inadequate her colloquial Tamil was when she lately went campaigning for her party in Tamil Nadu. “I found it very difficult to speak the colloquial Tamil at the rallies. I speak a different kind of Tamil and I’ll have to unlearn my own Tamil and become conversant with the other kind Tamil.”

This is precisely why Hema has put Rajni and Rana on hold.

Apparently there are feelers and anxious calls almost every day from Chennai asking if Hema has finally decided to do the role. According to sources close to the actress, it is almost embarrassing to be asked by such a looming legend so many times. But unless Hema is a sure about being able to carry off the colloquial Tamil dialogues she won’t relent.

Laughs Hema, “I haven’t yet said yes to the project. Rajni is a very dear friend. I did Andha Kanoon with him many years ago in Hindi where he played my brother. But we haven’t done any Tamil films together.”