Himesh Reshammiya on Koffee with Karan


MUMBAI: Himesh Reshammiya will be seen on Koffee with Karan on 29 July at 9 pm.

On this week’s episode, Reshammiya clears the air and confesses that he has no problems with Salman Khan and Sonu Nigam. In fact, he admits that he owes all his success to Salman and strongly believes that Sonu Nigam is the best singer of India.

Reshammiya tells Johar that he is aware of the fact that large sections of the industry make fun of his singing; want to watch his film Aap Ka Suroor only to laugh at him but he says those things never bother him.

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: Welcome to Koffee with Karan Himesh… how does it feel to be on the show?

Himesh: Superb

Karan: Firstly, congratulations on the super success of your film… I know a large section of the industry was surprised… but were you expecting this kind of success?

Himesh: I think… I just believed in God, destiny and somewhere I think everyone just prayed for me and that is something that worked for me.

Karan: Have you heard that behind your back there might be other singers who might be making fun of you?

Himesh: Yes… of course why not… but, you know, when they meet me… kitne composers ke saath milne ka mauka milta hain… pehli baar… phir woh opinion badal dete hain…

Karan: But one thing is… you keep very quite about your wife… you don’t talk about her?

Himesh: Because she is a very simple girl…

Karan: It’s not that you feel that your image gets affected

Himesh: No, the first time that I was asked whether I was married… I said yes

Karan: And you have a son?

Himesh: Ya… I have a son

Karan: What’s his name?

Himesh: His name is Swayam..