Hindus ask Julia Roberts to restore full access of devotees to temple


MUMBAI: Hindu leaders have urged Hollywood actress Julia Roberts and makers of movie Eat, Pray, Love to immediately provide unconditional access to area devotees to the Hindu temple in Pataudi (India), which had been reportedly closed for shooting.

According to reports, access to Hindu temple inside the Ashram Harimandir hermitage, about 60 kilometers from Delhi, was reportedly denied and then conditions were put for area villagers who regularly came there to pray to give way to movie shooting of Roberts and others, thus upsetting the devotees. Women of the village, who went to the offer prayers on Sunday morning, were refused entry. The shooting, which began Sunday, is expected to last about two – three weeks.

Roberts started shooting at this Ashram on Sunday along with Richard Jenkins. Directed by Ryan Murphy, the film is slated to release in 2011, Eat, Pray, Love also stars Javier Bardem, Viola Davis, Billy Crudup, James Franco and Luca Argentero.