‘I am a hungry actor’ – Vivek Oberoi

He has been appreciated for his work in films like Saathiya, Company, Masti ,Dum and Yuva. Though he has had a few flops like Kaal, Kisna, Kyon Ho Gaya Na and Home Delivery to his credit. Vivek Oberoi’s is now looking forward to his forthcoming film Pyaare Mohan which is set for a 28th April release.

Tell me how different is your role in Pyaare Mohan from Masti?
Masti was a sex comedy but Pyaare Mohan is is a hard core comedy, fun loving film. My role will be loved by the kids and family. Here I am playing the role of a deaf boy but in a lighter vein.

Did you attend workshops for the role?
We did have a two day workshop. Since I was a role of a deaf for the first time it was a little difficult in the beginning. We had to have a comic sense of timing. It was difficult in the beginning because Fardeen and I had to have a spontaneous timing.

You have performed serious and romantic roles so long. How was it performing a comedy?
I am thankful to Indra Kumar for signing me in this role. He was confident that I could perform this role. I had done comedy earlier with Indra Kumar’s Masti. I needed to take a break from the serious roles and the lover boy look. I am a hungry actor. I like to attempt every possible role. I holiday of 45 days on the sets of Pyaare Mohan. I got to know Fardeen well. I was comfortable working with Esha since this is my 3rd film with her. This is my second film with Amrita.

How much hopes have you pinned on this film?
I have given my best. It is up to the audience how they accept me in this film. I would be lying if I say that I have no hopes on this film. Every actor pins hopes with every film he does. There are disappointments when a film does not do well but yet at the same time, we have to continue and do out best with the next film. Life goes on and there is no looking back.

Many artistes are veering towards regional films. What about you?
I am open to a film in any language provided the character that I have to play in the film is meaningful. I would prefer to learn the language that is foreign to me to get into the skin of the character. It would also make it easier for me to dub for it.

What kind of roles are you looking forward to?
I want to do roles that have never been done before. In fact, I have even told my friends that if they come across any interesting piece of literature or a film where they feel that I can do justice to a character, they should tell me about it.

Which are your forthcoming films?
There’s Shekhar Kapoor’s Paani opposite Preity Zinta, Vishal Bharadwaj’s adaption of William Shakespeare’s Othello, Omkara alongwith Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Kareena Kapoor and Konkana Sen and there is also producer Sachin Bajaj’s Naqshaa which is an action, adventure film. It is a Manmohan Desai meets Indiana Jones kind of film wherein we go on a hunt for lost treasure.

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