‘I am not interested in being a heroine’ – Rakhi Sawant

    She has been tagged as controversy’s favoured child and the hottest bombshell, but there’s no denying that it was a mean struggle for Rakhi Sawant to rise from the ashes.

    Buy it or chuck it, today ‘Rakhi Sawant’ is a very much a house hold name, in fact she’s become a brand entity in her own right. 

    Now that lady luck is finally shinning on this fireball (no pun intended), she’s making hay while the sun is blazing. Not only is she being floored A grade offers, she’s also has to her credit her pop album, Super Girl. And the icing on the cake is her latest film, Buddha Mar Gaya, where she gets to play a pivotal and meaty role for the first time ever!

    The actress has also shot for an item number for Rakesh Roshan’s Krazzy 4. In conversation with Businessofcinema.com, Sawant excitedly talks about her new film and also reveals, “I am not interested in being a heroine.”


    We’ve heard that in your forthcoming film, Buddha Mar Gaya, you are playing your real self. Comment.
    As far as being bold and beautiful is concerned, yes I am playing myself. But I really wish I had the power of wiping out womanizers (as my character in the film has); then I could obliterate all the sin and sinners from the world. 

    Coming to Buddha Mar Gaya, my character Kim is a lose character girl who is ready to compromise and sleep with anyone to bag a role. But that not me in real. I have worked hard and gone through struggle. If I had slept with someone, I would have become a star long back as so many men wanted to bed me. It has taken me eight years to get to where I am now.

    So in that case isn’t it a gamble to play this character as it can tarnish your image? What’s so interesting about your role?
    Now if Amitabh Bachchan plays a chor, cop or shahenshah in a film, doesn’t mean he is one. So you know, real life and reel life are quite different. In fact I refused to wear some revealing clothes that director Rahul Rawail had given me. There would be clashes every morning where he would convince me by telling that it’s the requirement of the character.

    My role in Buddha….is such that if you do away with it, the film will hold no interest. The story revolves around me, as the buddha (essayed by Anupam Kher) dies because of me. I kill old men as they are womanizers and very avaricious.< Page Break >

    So in that case Buddha Mar Gaya will be your debut film as a lead actress, right?
    This is not a lead role. As a matter of fact, if you call me the heroine of Buddha Mar Gaya, then are you going to call these old men, who are cast opposite me, the heroes of the film? 

    I am not interested in being a heroine. If I were launched five years back, I would have still aspired to be a heroine. But now there’s no interest as it comes with the dual duty of maintaining my figure and image. I am happy playing just good characters. 

    As per the status quo, what kind of offers are coming your way?
    Now I approached by all A grade film makers. I have come from a C grade film background and I have reached the A+ category.

    So have you restricted yourself to A grade films?
    I would say, both A and B grade.

    Are you game for television as well?
    Television is a priority because it is this medium that has corroborated me. Bigg Boss got me loads of love and respect from the people. From next month I’ll be busy anchoring my new reality show – a chat show on the lines of Koffee With Karan. I am open to item numbers and good characters in films and reality shows on TV.

    Any specific roles that you are dying to play?
    I am ready to play any character. But I guess people prefer me in bold and comic roles and the offers I get are proof enough. I am an actor and I can essay any role, even a melancholic one. Remember my tragic act in Bigg Boss? But people have mindset roles for me which I think should change. The tragedy with me is that, when I bag a film, I don’t get a song and when I do get a song then there’s no role for me.