I chased script of ‘Jodi Breakers’: Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu
Mumbai: It is rare for established actors to chase scripts, but Bipasha Basu did just that for her forthcoming film "Jodi Breakers", in which she is in a unique pairing with R. Madhavan.

"This (‘Jodi Breakers’) is a very interesting film and there is a story to it. Two years back I had read a very interesting script and then I got busy. This was the script that I had read!

"Two years later I woke up one afternoon and I called my manager to ask that where is that script? So, we traced the script. This is the first time that I ever got to chase a script," Bipasha said here at an event.

After featuring in over 40 films in her showbiz career of over a decade, what made the dusky beauty run after the script?

"My character Sonali is such a refreshing character. I have not done a role like this in 10 years and thankfully I chased it and I got it. I knew Maddy was playing the male’s role and we had so much fun," said the actress, who was last seen flaunting her perfect figure in "Players".

"Jodi Breakers", directed by Ashwini Chaudhary, is slated to release Feb 24.