“I do not believe in taking a break in a relationship” – Deepika Padukone

    From a modeling assignment to her very first film with none other than Shah Rukh Khan, this young lady sure was born with luck on her side. Being born to a famous sportsman father, she’s been successful in whatever she has done from modeling, to being a calendar girl, to music videos and now one of the top leading ladies of Bollywood.
    She’s not only got the looks but has all that it takes to be a top notch star. Deepika Padukone talks to Businessofcinema.com about her forthcoming film Break Ke Baad and about all that it takes to keep a relationship strong.
    Tell us about Break Ke Baad and your character in the film.
    Break Ke Baad is a film about relationships. I play the character of Aaliya who is very career minded and wants to achieve something in life and doesn’t believe in love and marriage.
    How much do you identify with your character in the film? What were the highlights of playing Aaliya and was it satisfying to play the character?
    As a personality, it was very different from what I was offered before. And her character is very unlike the person that I am. She is insensitive and immature and I am not like that. I only identify with the character as far as being career minded goes but other than that, I am a person who believes in love and marriage and I do not believe in taking a break in a relationship. I would rather work out the problems. 
    I am someone who can focus on my relationship as well as give 100 per cent to my work. It was a nice feeling to play someone who is totally different from who I actually am in real life.
    Like Aaliya, did you too always aspire to be an actress? How difficult or easy was it for you considering that you are from a non-filmy background?
    I did want to get into showbiz; I wanted to model and did not consciously work towards being an actress. I was lucky to have been noticed and offered a film. There is both an advantage and disadvantage of not being from a filmi background. It’s an advantage because it’s nice to have family who are in no way connected to films because you get an outsider’s perspective. Also the star kids, have to constantly face being compared to their parents, I am at an advantage because I am not constantly being compared that way.
    On the other hand it is also a disadvantage because all those who come from film backgrounds come in focusing on their films and they have parents to advice them as actors. I had to make my own decisions and learn from scratch.
    Do you believe in long distance relationships as shown in Break Ke Baad? What’s your take on relationships?
    Yes I definitely believe in it. But having said that, you need two strong people to make it work and both people have to want it too much. It’s a beautiful feeling to be in a relationship. It’s nice to have someone to love but it also requires maintenance, but I have also been single and I’ve enjoyed it as much.
    How was Imran Khan as a co-star?
    He was good, very supportive and I enjoyed working with him. He more a friend than a co-star.
    This is your second film with a first-time director after Karthik Calling Karthik. How was it working with Danish Aslam?
    He is extremely confident. He knows what he wants and knows a lot about filmmaking. I think the reason why I was so comfortable doing this film was his confidence. He handled every situation very well on the sets and didn’t come across as a first – timer.
    Were your parents happy with your decision to become an actress?
    Yes they have always been very supportive and it’s because of them I am here.
    What advice would you like to give the young girls who are aspiring to become actresses?
    They should know that it’s not all as glamorous as it looks. It’s a lot of hard work and needs a lot of dedication.
    Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor – who among your contemporaries are competition to you?
    I think all of them. All of them are very good and I feel it’s good to have competition.
    Sharmila Tagore plays your mother in the film. How was it working with such a senior actress and what did you learn from her?
    It was wonderful to be a part of the same film and to see her work in the film. She is one of the most dignified ladies I have ever come across.
    What next?
    I’ve just started work on Desi Boyz, then I’ll be doing another film with Imran for Homi Adjania and I have Race 2 as of now.