‘I felt validated when I signed a film with Yash Raj’ – Minissha Lamba

    Minissha Lamba
    Minissha Lamba

    Minissha Lamba
    Minissha Lamba
    Minissha Lamba
    Minissha Lamba

    The damsel embarked on her filmi career with the critically-acclaimed movie Yahaan. She was later seen in Corporate,

    Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. and a couple more. However, one hasn’t seen much of her so far. But that fact is about to change. Beginning with Moser Baer Entertainment’s Shaurya, Lamba has three more movies up for release this year.  

    We talk to the actor about her forthcoming films.

    Why have we seen you in such few films so far?
    Because these are the few I end up liking. I cannot work in something I don’t believe in or if I cannot imagine myself playing a character. I am selective about the work I do.

    So what do you go for first when a film is offered to you… the script, your character or the banner?
    Story! It always helps to have a good banner, but in the end everything boils down to being part of a good movie. Like Anamika is an author-backed role for me. It is the Indian version of Rebecca.

    I am also doing Kidnap with Sanjay Gadhvi and there is Siddharth Anand’s film with Ranbir in it, this is for Yash Raj.

    These are all varied roles and I have enjoyed all these scripts at the narration level.

    How did it feel to have bagged a film with Yash Raj?
    After working in the film industry for two years, I felt validated when I signed a film with Yash Raj, because now I am actually working with people I have aspired to work with.

    Have you signed any films after this?
    No. I have not signed any films as of now. I am yet to come across anything exciting enough.

    In your forthcoming film Shaurya, you play the character of a journalist a la Preity Zinta in Lakshya…
    Similarities are bound to be drawn because it’s the character of a female journalist. But I have tried to portray it differently by making her appear much more real.

    In real life also, I wanted to become a journalist. So there are a lot of my own shades in Shaurya.

    Journalists are always displayed as some black and white characters and no one gives a human dimension to their characters. A young female journalist is much more!

    In Shaurya I am playing the role of a print journalist who writes for a Hindi publication.

    She is a faceless and nameless journalist who is always aspiring to do a story that will appear on the front page of her newspaper, with her name in the story.