I have realised, I can also fail: Shah Rukh Khan


Shahrukh Khan

MUMBAI: In the recent past, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has gathered quite a lot of controversy around himself. Today, at a press conference at his Mannat residence, the actor was on an emotional high. He flung chocolates to journalists whose questions he seemed to approve of, and mints at those who’s questions he probably didnt like.

Whether he was being high-handed or plain mischievous, one cannot tell. What was interesting to see was reporters sitting with their mouths open for Khan to aim perfectly.

In the conference, the actor confessed to having learnt to accept both brickbats and appreciation. "In the last five years, I have changed and realised I can also fail. I had not faced failure for many years and failure has made me humble. You can’t get angry and say the world is wrong. Failure and success are not permanent," he added.

Slapped with a five-year ban by the MCA on entering the Wankhede stadium, the actor said, "Whether it is continued or not, every association has their rules and they should follow it. God bless them for that. I don’t want to get into this whole thing, whether I am going to apologise to the Association or not. I am in a position where I should be more thick skinned. So I will have to be a little more patient or go to less public places, or I should just wear ear muffs."

Shahrukh eventually does apologise, but to everyone except the MCA. "I was very ashamed when my wife and children explained to me that I shouldn’t have behaved in that way. The audience, which sees me doing roleplay, for them I feel sorry that I said something like that. I apologise to the TV audience with folded hands that it was because of me they had to endure the inane and stupid comments of the so-called analysts on television for hours. I am really sorry for that," he said.