I request everyone not to sleep on the road: Salman Khan

Salman Khan
MUMBAI: Talking about the incident of a 70 year old woman dying as a result of being hit by Arbaaz Khan’s car being driven by Sohail Khan’s driver, the oldest brother Salman Khan said, "The accident happened by mistake. I spoke to the driver and he said when he was driving, he saw something like a black polythene bag on the road, but it was the lady who was completely in black. I would request everyone not to sleep on the road."
The Khan family is not paying any compensation to the 70-year-old woman’s family as she had been disowned by her family, the filmmaker’s brother and Bollywood star Salman Khan said Monday.
"We are not paying any compensation to the family members of the victim as we got to know that her family had disowned her," he added. 
The incident occurred around 11 p.m. Sunday near St. Andrew’s Church when the vehicle was headed towards the home of the Khans at Bandstand.
The woman has been identified as Chandra Bala, police said. She was rushed to the Bhabha Hospital by a police constable and some autorickshaw drivers in the vicinity but died from her injuries.
Salman’s sibling Sohail Khan said that he was "shocked" when he came to know about the accident. 
"I was at home. I did not know what was happening. Only driver was there in the car. The car was coming home and they did not know who the family was," he told reporters.
Sohail also said that "the news has been hyped a lot". 
"Instead of focusing on who was in the car, people should focus on the fact that a women died. I got to know about this incident after an hour. This accident happened by mistake," he added.