‘I want a break from comedy’ – Rimi Sen


MUMBAI: In her three year old career, actor Rimi Sen appears to have done only comedy roles. Sen, who started with Priyadarshan’s Hungama, has 10 other films to her credit.

“What do I do? Nobody gives me any other role,” sighs Sen. So much so, that people start laughing as soon as they spot her, she rues. From playing Abhishek Bachchan’s Bengali wife in the Dhoom series, to being the love interest of four notorious boys in Golmaal to playing Akshay Kumar’s Anjali in Garam Masala and Phir Hera Pheri, she’s been tickling the funny bone. 

She justifies, “Comedy is the safest. Being from a non filmi background, I always thought of doing films, which stand a greater chance of becoming hits, otherwise it’s difficult to survive in the film industry. If a comedy film is well made, it’s a sure shot hit.”

Up next for the actor is Hattrick (again in a comedy role) cast opposite Kunal Kapoor, a talented yet relatively new actor. “To make a name for myself and to sustain it, I did a couple of good films with good directors, producers and actors so that people notice me. But now, I have reached a stage where I can not keep playing these roles. Now I don’t mind working with younger people because that will benefit me in return.” 

What kind of a serious role is she looking for, to break away from the stereotype? “I will do a serious film only if I get a serious director. I want a film like Black to prove my caliber.” 

As a child, Sen idolised Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit. She would sit with film magazines for hours and admire their make up and jewelry, she says. “Earlier, I was struggling to survive; now I am struggling to get to play good characters,” she concludes.