Anthony Kaun Hai? on mobile game

Mumbai: mobile2win has announced the launch of Anthony Kaun Hai?
mobile game on 3 August. They have launched the game in an exclusive
tie-up with Nikhil Panchamiya, the producer of the film.

As in Anthony Kaun Hai’ the movie, Champ (Arshad Warsi) is a visitor
who is carrying a nasty looking gun. Master Madan (Sanjay Dutt) has
come to put a bullet in Champ’s head. If Champ doesn’t act fast, he’ll
end up with a hole in his head. So in the game the player has to help
Champ escape quick. There are 10 levels in all. Arshad starts at the
top floor of the hotel and ends when he manages to slip out of the

Producer Nikhil Panchamiya says, “The mobile phone has become an extra
entertainment channel for today’s youth and starting with the mobile
game of Anthony Kaun Hai? we are very keen to explore this further
with the Mobile2Win partnership.”

Rajiv Hiranandani, Country Head, mobile2win India, says, “Indian
consumers are looking for entertainment at their fingertips and we
have recognised that and brought Anthony Kaun Hai? to the consumers.
The growth of Bollywood related content is only going to increase with
the increased cellular penetration levels into smaller cities and we
are well positioned to tap into that”.

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