Awarapan no show resolved: Mahesh Bhatt


MUMBAI: Vishesh Films’ Awarapan will resume screening in theatres in Pune from tomorrow (10 July). On Saturday, 7 July, a group of Muslims stalled the screening of the film in theatres across the city of Pune.

The ripple effects of the same threatened to mar the Mumbai screenings too. The Samajwadi party had issued letters to six Mumbai theatres — Inox, Apsara, Metro, Eros, Roxy and Central Plaza — to stall the film’s screening. While Apsara cancelled two shows and later resumed the screening; other theatres like Inox, Eros and Metro refused to cancel the shows. Galaxy theatre in Bandra, Sahakar Plaza and Uday cinema in Ghatkopar also stopped the film’s screening.

However, the Bhatts along with the support of the Home Minister RR Patil and the Mumbai police commisioner had the situation under control today. Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt met with the Samajwadi party members and resolved the issue.

“We complained to RR Patil about the inefficiency of the Pune police in failing to take control of the situation on Saturday,” says Mahesh Bhatt.

Now parties have agreed to make the necessary cuts. A fax will be sent on the Samajwadi party letterhead to all cinemas including those in Pune stating that the party no longer has any objection to the screening of the film. Screening in Pune and Mumbai will resume with immediate effect.

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