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The latest singing sensation of India – HIMESH RESHAMMIYA
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Mention the name Himesh Reshammiya and the first impression would be: a brash 32 year old music director who has made a trademark of his nasal voice. 27 hits later, this is a man who aspires to be a rockstar – and dresses for the job with his jeans and baseball cap ensemble. But whatever his detractors may say,

Himesh Reshammiya has not just arrived – he is the music industry’s man of the moment. And the man everybody has an opinion on. Probe deeper and he says his arrogance is actually a kind of shyness and an eagerness to defend his work. The trivia about his 19-hour workdays and 1000 tune stockpile reveals a burning ambition to succeed. He says, “I can’t rely on my past glory or brand name and I want to prove that Tere Naam and Aashiq Banaya Aapne are my worst compositions.”

The catchy foot-stomping club hits that have made his unconventional voice something of a convention contain sad lyrics that invariably talks about lost love and longing. Himesh says, “I like composing love songs because everybody has been in love. I am only a music composer for the romantics.” But behind the duality of songs of longing set to club beats is a man who has bridged the class and mass divide. Even though he thinks that by bowing down to commercial constraints he has become corrupt.

Catch Anuradha SenGupta as she probes beyond the myths surrounding this singer and the musician in Being Himesh Reshammiya at these times on CNN IBN.

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