Da Vinci in yet another controversy

After having run successfully for more than three weeks The Da Vinci Code is still receiving flak from certain quarters in Andhra Pradesh. A group of Christians protested against the film which was to be released on 24 June at Prasad Multiplex.

Angry protestors arrived an hour before the scheduled time of the show raising slogans against the film and broke the windowpanes of the ticket counter in the plush multiplex.

Vikramjit Roy, Head PR & Acquisitions, Sony Pictures Entertainment says, ” If Christians, Muslims and Hindus across the world have seen it and appreciated it as an entertaining work of fiction, then why should these protests be held against the film? A group of protestors are dominating over the people of Hyderabad by not allowing them to see the film and to judge for themselves whether or not the film is demeaning or hurting sentiments of the Christianity. The basic human rights have been put to test again by not allowing the audience of Andhra Pradesh to discover the film for themselves. The screening has been cancelled even after the Andhra Pradesh High Court has cleared the film for its release.”

Expressing regret Roy says, “I am not bothered about the loss the film will make, the issue here is of principles.”

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