Dil Se Pooch to release on 15 December

PRESS RELEASE Renuka S. Jain presents Vasudha Movies “Dil Se Pooch Kidhar Jaana Hai” set to hit the theatres on 15th December. Written and Directed by Shrirang, starring Aditya Shrivastava (investigating cop of CID fame) and Vani Tripathi (prominent theatre personality and part of movies like Dushman, Stumped, Chalte Chalte, Sutradhar) as the main protagonists with Ashok Shinde, Lushin Dubey, Abhijit Lahri, Vijay Amaurya, Sushita Thatte, Ravi Khanwilkar, Rihitashv, Neeraj Sood and Jitendra Roy. Dil Se Pooch… is sensitive tale of relationships of people who keep their faith in life and innocence intact despite being torn apart by circumstances and events that happen around them.  Dil Se Pooch is a movie that deals with the fundamental question of whether an individual creates a society or society moulds an individual. This story deals with a series of violent events, which happened during the early nineties and changed the course of many lives. Among these lives are the protagonists Avinash and Aliya who were separated during this period and meet after a gap of few years only to find each other as a police officer and a prostitute, in a situation where one has to deal with the system and other has to deal with oneself. The movie is all about the difficulties Avinash and Aliya face in leading their lives and how they get along with it. Dil Se Pooch is the story about their journey.  “Dil Se Pooch Kidhar Jaana Hai, an unusual love story set against the backdrop of the Mumbai riots, Shrirang has sensitively handled the complex theme of the movie. Aditya and Vani are bound to shock the audiences with their power charged performances. Making of Dil Se Pooch was a unique experience as it is the first time that so many people associated with theatre are coming together in one film.” adds Suresh Picha Jain, producer of the movie.  The film, directed by debutant director Shrirang Ramchandra Dhawale, a National School Drama product and a National Award winner for Marathi film Pudcha Paol is set against socio-political scenario in Mumbai from 1993 to 2005. Talking about the film, Shrirang said,’ “It is a relationship-oriented film with the lot of socio-political under current. It is about how people get shattered by socio-political events around them even though they may have nothing to do with them (the events) The underlying essence of the film being that the country has a life laced with events that affect the political and social fabric of the country and parallel to that are the lives of the individuals living in that nation.” Aditya Srivastava plays an image-defying role, of a police officer who gets separated from his love during the Mumbai riots, only to meet her again as a prostitute.  Vani Tripathi, a model, an actress, an animal activist, a social worker, a theatre artist, a wildlife photographer and a writer, makes a bold move playing a prostitute,’Aliya’, for the first time in the movie. Vani who has worked with directors like Ramesh Sippy, Aziz Mirza, Kundan Shah and Tanuja Chandra, etc, thinks she has crossed major hurdles in her way to becoming a thinking actress. And hence, she believes that in her role of a child woman and a prostitute in this film, she is able to live up to those shades that demanded a “wholesome approach”. In the film, she plays a simple girl who gets separated from her beloved and meets him after a gap of 10 years, as a prostitute, while he becomes an inspector by then.  

Cinematography is by Dharam Gulati. Arunodaya Sharma is at Audiographer’s credit. Art direction is by Chokkas Bhaarrdwaj and Choreography by Vikram Barode. The songs are by Aadesh Shrivastava and Lyrics by Nida Fazli. Editing by Sanjib Dutta, Art direction by Chokkas Bhaarrdwaj and Action by Ahmed Bhai. Associate Director is Hansraj Rajpal. Glamour Design Studio and Motif has done the publicity designs for the movie. Vani Tripathi has also shouldered the responsibility of being the executive producer of the movie.

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