IDream Productions’ horror flick n trouble with Censor Board

MUMBAI: The promos of IDream Productions’ horror film Fired have run into trouble with the Censor board and have been deemed inappropriate to be aired on television.


The reason given by the Censor Board was that there was too much blood and gore as well as nudity in a certain scene in the film.

According to Cable television Network (Regulation) Act, TV promos with A certificate cannot be aired on any Indian channel. The producers have been given an A certificate for the promos even after they removed nudity and toned down the violent scenes from the promos.

Rahul Bose, who stars in the film, feels the Censor board has forgotten to take things in the right context. "I feel we have a misplaced sense of censorship. What I feel is gory or vulgar, somebody else might not. Even for the sex scene, I feel people are more mature now and so self-censorship should be the key."

IDream Production CEO Ashish Bhatnagar adds, "We don’t understand the system. At one level, we have television channels showing horror shows, and the Censor board has no control over that. On the other hand, a horror film cannot be promoted as it has content having elements of blood and gore, which have to pass through Censor board, which controls the film content. There seems to be double standard of censorship of content on TV. As a producer, we are not allowed to promote our film on TV. We don’t know how we can put the message across to the audience that ours is a horror film if we are not allowed to show blood and gore in the promos."

Besides Bose, the film also stars British model Militza Radmilovic and is directed by Sajit Warrier. The film is slated to release on 29 January, 2010.