IFDA slams Parzania blackout in Gujarat

MUMBAI: The Indian Film Directors Association (IFDA) has condemned the reluctance of exhibitors in Gujarat to screen Parzania in the state’s cinemas. The movie is a true life story of a Parsi couple’s search for a son lost in the violent riots of 2002, .

Parzania, released last Friday all over the country, has been absent from theatres in Gujarat, the scene of much of the action portrayed in the film.

The act, claims the IFDA, smacks of racial prejudice and bigotry perpetrated by the hidden powers that be, determined to fragment the society for their socio-political agenda. In a statement, the IFDA says that the ostensible reasoning that the film is not commercially sound, “is nothing but a red herring and a mask to hide behind, to escape the tyrannical pressures brought upon them by fascistic forces.”

The association has urged the Association of Exhibitors in Gujarat to motivate its members to facilitate the normal screening of Parzania.

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