Announces the Arrival of Superman Returnsâ„¢ Computer Products

Oceanside, CA: announces the arrival of Superman Returnsâ„¢ computer products.

Superman aficionados around the world who waited patiently for the next Superman movie to be released were not disappointed. Faster then a speeding bullet, the handsome super hero, portrayed by Brandon Routh, made a comeback to the big screen June 28th 2006.
To celebrate Superman’s return to the silver screen, will be carrying the full line of exclusive super high end I-Rocksâ„¢ PC peripheral devices proudly flaunting the red and yellow Superman logo. The high speed USB 2.0 4 port hub, All-in-one card reader, optical mouse, and multimedia slim keyboard can be found in three colors at by performing an on-site search for the word “superman”.

High Speed USB 2.0 4 Port HUB
The I-Rocks USB hubs are equipped with special super powers which will automatically distribute incoming power according to the respective power requirements of the connected USB devices. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a hub with the Superman Returnsâ„¢ logo on it.

All-in-1 Card Reader
The I-Rocks card readers, with an elegant crystal (not Kryptonite!) material look and feel, are multifunction and support all types of memory cards with a USB 2.0 high-speed transmission interface bringing unparalleled convenience when storing data, images or multimedia files. The SP-5000 card reader is faster than a speeding bullet, safe, and easy to carry.

Multimedia Slim Keyboard
The multimedia slim keyboard from I-Rocks combines Superman’s mighty and versatile image with performance and excellence. Its overall light and slim design is simple yet streamlined and elegant, equipped with extra-slim keys and an extra-high quality construction that greatly increases comfort and satisfaction when typing. In true Superman fashion, this multimedia slim keyboard is equipped with hot-keys including Internet and multimedia control buttons giving users the benefits of exceptional convenience and intelligent control.

Optical Mouse
With an all-new ergonomic design that fully supports the palm and all fingers, the I-Rocks SP-7000 optical mouse allows your hand to rest comfortably. This optical mouse also comes with Avago’s precise high-speed optical sensor technology, giving it faster movement and more exact positioning as well as a fast-scrolling function button. This comfortable fit and feel is specifically designed to meet the growing need for comfort and health when using a computer mouse.

As those loyal to Superman know, there has not be a major motion picture about the affable Clark Kent, AKA Superman, since the movie Quest for Peace in 1986. Otherwise known as Superman IV, Quest for Peace was the late Christopher Reeve’s last major big-screen project. The movie was panned by fans and critics alike, leaving a big question in everyone’s mind this year: “Will Superman Returnsâ„¢ forever ensnare The Man of Steel in the Phantom Zone along with the failed movies of comic book super heroes, or will it reestablish and reinvigorate the Superman franchise?” It appears to have broken through with flying colors – blue, red, and gold, to be specific.

Wowing audiences around the world with its spectacular 1,400 CGI special effects and more powerful than a locomotive, the highly-anticipated blockbuster Superman Returnsâ„¢ promises to stimulate fans young and old alike, as well as introduce a new generation to the legendary Superman legacy. Be one of the first on your block to own these cool computer accessories!
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