Hyderabad Nawabs does well in Hyderabad

MUMBAI: A mediocre film titled Hyderabad Nawabs has done record business in Hyderabad. The film, which is in its ninth week, is produced by V Rama Krishna and directed by Laxmikant Chenna.


Hyderabad based writer and producer V Rama Krishna says, “Hyderabad Nawabs is produced under my banner Utopia Entertainers. The film is in Hyderabadi language – the way actor Mehmood used to speak in most of his films. We have released the film only in Hyderabad with seven prints and further increased it to 10 and 14 prints in the second and third week respectively.”


“In the first week the film, recorded Rs 4.4 million (Rs 44 lakhs) gross and pushed Lage Raho Munnabhai to the second place as far as box-office collections are concerned. In its second week it collected Rs 3,695,645 from 10 cinemas. We did not want to pre-sell the film in a hurry. We were confident about the prospects. Now that the film is doing well, we are meeting distributors for the Indian and international market and are also sending it to major festivals,” he says.


The movie does not have a hero or a heroine. There are major characters like black ticket sellers, local goons, NRI returns, beautiful damsels, robbers etc. “I am happy that the people of Hyderabad have found the content and humour closer to their heart. It is a tribute to Hyderabad culture and lifestyle,” he adds.

Ashok Anchan

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