Khanna & Iyer director to make silent film

MUMBAI: Hemant Hegde, the director of Mukta Tele Cine’s forthcoming film Khanna and Iyer, has signed his second Bollywood film with Adlabs even before the release of his debut venture.


Says Hegde, “It is a silent comic film. I am hoping to sign Arshad Warsi for the main lead because he can emote well through his expressions and is definitely a good comedian, so he suits the role perfectly.” But Hegde says that since Warsi is shooting for UTV’s Goal in London, he hasn’t yet got a chance to speak to him, but plans to do so soon.


Hegde has directed three Kannada films, including a masala flick, a romantic comedy and a thriller. In his quest to try out something new, he now plans to make a silent film, which he hopes to launch by July 2007.


Meanwhile, Hegde is gearing up for Khanna & Iyer’s release on 30 March 2007. “I am aware that it is a relatively small film, but it’s good, nonetheless. In today’s times, every film finds its audience. Moreover, no good film can go unnoticed. The story of the film has been conceptualised by the Mukta Story Workshop. It is a modern day take on cultural differences between north and south India.”

Rohini Bhandari

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