Krrish to be dubbed in Chinese and Malay

Mumbai: This week’s release Rakesh Roshan’s film Krrish is acquiring supernatural status. According to Raj Vaidya of Filmkraft, the $ 10 million film will have a record number of 775 prints. In Bombay there are over 150 prints, over a 100 prints in Delhi over 250 prints overseas. For the first time in the history of Indian cinema, the film has a simultaneous release in regional languages; viz Tamil and Telugu .

The latest is that the film is planning to dub the film into foreign languages; viz Chinese and Malay. At a press conference Rakesh Roshan confirmed the reports. “We will dub it in Chinese, if the distributor asks for it.” He further added that he has already awarded the rights to dub the film in Spanish and German language. Even the film will be done in Malay language as Indian films have large followings in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Krrish will have a red carpet premiere in Singapore on Thursday, June 22. A sequel to the 2004 hit film, Koi…Mil Gaya, it is the first Indian mega movie filmed under the Singapore Tourism Board’s ‘Film in Singapore! Scheme’. Ken Low, Singapore Tourism Board’s assistant chief executive had said that the board had allotted $10 million under the ‘filmining in Singapore scheme, to subside 50 per cent of expenses incurred by international film companies during their shoots in the island.

The island city attracted a minimum of 5.83 lakh Indian tourists. This year they are expecting it to grow by more than 20%. More than 60 per cent of the film has been shot in Singapore. Meanwhile Roshan, along with Hrithik Roshan, his son and hero of the film with Priyanka Chopra is in Singapore as the publicity stop for the film. The trio have already visited Dubai and London.

Meanwhile, the Roshans are also planning comic strip of Krrish! Watch this space!

Ashok Anchan and Johnny Vaz

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