Imax to install first digital system in India at BIG Cinemas


MUMBAI: Imax Corporation and Indian multiplex chain BIG Cinemas have inked an agreement to install Imax’s new digital projection system in BIG Cinemas’ Imax theatre in Mumbai.

The installation is scheduled to be completed in July 2009, and will mark the first digital Imax location in India.

The new Imax digital projection system will replace the Imax Dome system that is currently operating in the BIG Cinemas location at Wadala, Mumbai. The new technology upgrade is designed to enable BIG Cinemas to take advantage of the growing slate of Hollywood releases in Imax and Imax 3D.

"BIG Cinemas has constantly endeavored to expand our content offerings to render a world class movie going experience to our guests. Through the installation of Imax’s digital projection system, we will be able to offer our guests the world’s most immersive movie experience, and even more premium entertainment options and at a much lower operating cost," said BIG Cinemas COO Tushar Dhingra.

"We’re proud to enter this partnership with BIG Cinemas for installing our first digital projection system in Mumbai, the heart of Bollywood. It is an important strategic step for us as we look to expand our presence in the region. BIG Cinemas has already done a fantastic job establishing the Imax brand in the country, and we’re confident that this new theatre will enable them to reach an even wider audience of Indian consumers in the future," said Imax CEO Richard L. Gelfond.

The deal adds to the momentum of Imax’s international expansion efforts, which has been fueled by the introduction of Imax’s digital projection technology. To date, Imax has signed contracts for more than 200 Imax digital projection systems worldwide, with over 90 currently in operation and at least 115 scheduled to be in operation by year end.