Imran Khan inspired by Break Ke Baad director Danish Aslam for his wedding plans


MUMBAI: After all the rumors and news floating around Imran Khan’s marriage, it’s finally official that Khan and his fiancée Avantika Mallik will be tying the knot in the second week of January, 2011. He has been inspired by Danish Aslma, the director of his forthcoming film Break Ke Baad, who recently had a court marriage with Shruti Seth. Khan too will have a very private court marriage at his place.

Khan wanted to have a quiet wedding without too many trimmings but was clueless about how to do it. Earlier reports suggested that they would have a nikha in Mumbai however during the shoot of Break Ke Baad, Khan finally took inspiration from Aslam and has decided to have a court marriage instead.

Having said that, his character in Break Ke Baad has been completely modeled on his personality traits. Khan plays the character of Abhay, and in a lot of ways Khan is like Abhay. Like Abhay, Khan too is committed and has been going around with his childhood sweet heart of eight and half years and like him he too feels love is for keeps, and was clueless about his career path.

In fact, the character of Abhay in the film is so close to him that people even suggested he should call himself Imran in the film but he being a Hindu character decided to name himself Abhay as he is quite fond of actor Abhay Deol.

Khan says, "I am from a Muslim family and Avantika belongs to a Hindu family, I personally didn’t want to commit our wedding to one religion or another. We felt the best way for us was that we would keep it neutral and have a court marriage. Even Danish my director of Break Ke Baad was in same situation and had a court marriage too."