Imran Khan unveils Delhi Belly DVD amidst live concert in mall

Mumbai: Imran Khan released the  DVD of  Delhi Belly on DVD at a live concert by Ram Sampath in a Mumbai mall. The DVD released by Excel Home Entertainment is the uncut version of the movie, and features all the music videos of the  album including Bedardi Raja.

The launch was attended by Imran Khan, Kunal Roy Kapoor with Ram Sampath, Akshat Verma, Abhinay Deo,  Sona Mohapatra, Chetan Shashital and Keerthi Sagathia. Imran Khan also autographed DVDs for the fans.

Says Khan, “It was great connecting with the audience and the fans of the film. We are amazed and humbled by the fan communities and the wide cult following of the film in different social networking sites.”

Producer Aamir Khan added, “The DVD of the  film is an opportunity for us to thank our audiences for the support and maturity shown in making this film successful. We are working on the special edition DVD and Blu–ray, which will be released later this year.”

Excel Home Entertainment managing director M.N Kapasi says, “This is the first Indian film DVD to include English and Hindi in 5.1 language track options simultaneously. The pre-order of the DVD has been phenomenal and we hope to see the sales continue to scale up through the coming week.”