Munnabhai MBBS Script sold for a million dollars

MUMBAI :The script of Munnabhai MBBS has been sold for a million dollars by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Chris Tucker who plays the lead in the Rush Hour series will play the role that Sanjay Dutt played in the original.

“It is a big high. Munnabhai MBBS have shown that Indian films if made well can be of international class. And we have a lot of people here who still want to borrow scripts from foreign films and here we have a story which has not only been adapted by filmmakers from the south of India but by a Hollywood studio like 20th Century Fox as well,” says Chopra.

Chopra who is now working on the sequel of Munnabhai MBBS tentatively called Munnabhai Second Innings, says that he was sure that he wanted to make a sequel when the script was as good if not better than the original. “I refused to go ahead till the time it was good and it is not a sequel. It is a second coming,” he says.

The English version will be called Gangster MD and will be directed by Mira Nair.

Mira Nair says, “My son liked Munnabhai MBBS. I am making the film in English for him. Chris Tucker who did a great job in Rush Hour will play the lead role. I shall be signing him on in September for the film,” says Nair of her next film Gangster MD which she will produce and direct.

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