‘India Celebrates’ with Irrfan Khan only on FOX History & Entertainment


India Celebrates
India Celebrates
This Republic Day, FOX History & Entertainment has roped in acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan to host ‘India Celebrates’, a day long line-up of spectacular shows celebrating the Indian spirit on the occasion of Republic Day. Premiering on this line-up is the Bollywood movie, Rang De Basanti.

Speaking about ‘India Celebrates’ Khan says, ‘I have always felt that history needs to be presented in an entertaining and engaging manner. When FOX History & Entertainment approached me to host their special, India Celebrates on the occasion of Republic Day, I was more than happy to be part of it. This special finds great resonance with me and my beliefs and allows me to take history closer to each and every viewer. I hope our viewers enjoy the series as much as I have enjoyed hosting it.’

Commenting on this special series, FOX History & Entertainment vice-president Programming Sudha Sadhanand, ‘Republic day holds great importance in the life of every Indian and as part of our commitment towards making history truly entertaining for our viewers, we wanted someone with a unique style to anchor the India Celebrates series. Not only does Irrfan Khan come with an engaging on-screen presence, he also represents those values that are deep rooted in India’s heritage.’

‘India Celebrates’ relives the glorious past of India. ‘India Celebrates’ highlights exciting programmes all day long from 9:00 am till 11:30 pm.

The schedule includes the following programmes –

Bollywood Mein Hindi – 9:00 am

This show capsules the essence of Bollywood cinema as told by various blockbuster actors and directors.

The British Empire In Colour: Tryst with Destiny – 10:00 am

‘The British Empire in Colour’ is a historical series describing the experience of the British Empire, for the rulers and the ruled.

Shiva’s Matted Locks – 11:30 am

In this episode, William Dalrymple follows in the paths of the barefoot holy men to find the spectacular source of the Ganges, which lies deep in the glaciers of the high Himalayas, on the very borders of Tibet.

City Of Djinns – 12:30 pm

William Dalrymple explores the city of Delhi. He concentrates on one of the most intense of Delhi’s mysteries – the ancient tradition of Indian Sufism.

Rang De Basanti – 2:00 pm

The tagline of the film sums it all- ‘A Generation Awakens’. The film is about standing up for ones beliefs, where the spirit of rebellion transcends caste, class and religion.